A Brief Chronology

1920, Harvard Faculty Club begun as private club (for dues-paying members only)

1931, Harvard Faculty Club founded on Quincy Street site of former William and Henry James home (open to male faculty members without dues; other Harvard affiliates with dues)

1965, Club opened to any man holding a Corporation appointment (teaching or administrative) without dues: other Harvard affiliates with dues

1966, the Corporation approved an expansion and renovation of the Faculty Club; as the new wing would encroach on the “Ladies’ Waiting Room”, it was deemed necessary to admit women to the Club’s main lounge for the first time. Women ate, in this period, in the “Ladies” Dining Room.”

1968, Women admitted to full membership

1985, Faculty Club management outsourced to Creative Gourmet

1989, President Bok asked Vice President Sally Zeckhauser to rethink the Faculty Club and make it profitable; Faculty Club was remodeled

2002, Faculty Club renovation enlarged the kitchen and added the Conservatory and employee dining area

2006, All Harvard employees granted access to the Faculty Club

2009, Harvard undergraduate and graduate students are welcomed to use the Faculty Club, thus making it accessible to the entire Harvard community