Guest Privileges

Guest Privileges

Use of Reciprocal Clubs

Harvard Faculty Club members have reciprocal privileges with clubs belonging to the Association of College and University Clubs (ACUC).

The list of reciprocal clubs can be found on the ACUC web site.

Harvard Faculty Club members may also visit the following non-ACUC clubs:

United Oxford and Cambridge University Club, London, UK

Note: Guests are not admitted without a letter of introduction.
tel: +44 020 7930 5151
fax: +44 020 7930 9490

Hawks' Club, Cambridge, UK

tel: +44 0223-314666
fax: +44 0223-314714

St. James's Club, London, UK

tel from USA: (800) 877-0447
tel from elsewhere: +44 171 629 7688
fax: +44 171 491 0987

University Club San Francisco, CA

(415) 781-0900

Letter of Introduction

A letter of introduction, which we can email you upon request, is necessary to visit certain clubs. You must be a member in good standing.

About Visiting Other Clubs

Each club in the Association is a unique reflection of the university community it serves. The facilities and services available, as well as hours of operation, are quite different in each club. To ensure an enjoyable visit to another club, it is important to telephone ahead whenever possible to find out when the club is open, and what services are offered to a visiting member. Often the Manager of a club can assist members in arranging a visit to another club by calling in advance.

Individual clubs may have restrictions in the use of their facilities, or in the frequency of visits, which should be respected. Please check with the club's manager regarding reciprocal privileges at another club.

Payment for Services

As billing procedures are also unique in each club, visitors are generally expected to pay for all cocktails, meals and other services at the time of their visit. Some accept credit cards or checks. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact the club you wish to visit in advance.