Sample Lunch Menu


Each day our chefs prepare an elegant presentation of dishes including
salads and homemade soups, entr
ées, cheeses and sweets.
We also offer a changing selection of featured regional and global cuisine.


Daily house-crafted soups
including a vegan selection

Atlantic Smoked Salmon
sour cream, capers, red onions

Composed Salads and Antipasti
grains, pasta, seafood, assorted meats
Harvard Community Garden vegetables
Faculty Club Green Salad
Classic Caesar Salad

Hot Entrées and Seasonal Accompaniments
    fish or seafood, fresh meats, vegetarian selections,
local vegetables, rice or whole grains

Imported and Local Cheeses
Including cheeses from Boggy Meadow Farms, NH • Great Hill Dairy, MA 
Grafton Village, VT • Hudson Valley, NY

Seasonal sliced fresh fruits and berries
Confections from our pastry chefs

Cash, credit cards and checks accepted.  

Food and beverage prices are subject to an 18% house charge, and, if applicable, an attendant fee for large groups, plus applicable Massachusetts taxes. The house charge and attendant fee are not gratuitites or tips but are used to defray costs. 
The Harvard Faculty Club has a no tipping policy to which staff must adhere.