Weekly Global Menu

Each weekday, the chefs of the Faculty Club prepare, in addition to our regular luncheon buffet, a special global cuisine menu. The global menu will be posted weekly.



Monday July 17 ~ ITALY

Veal scaloppini

Herbed fettuccini

Mozzarella salad


Tuesday July 18 ~ SOUTH AFRICA

Chicken tagine

Yellow rice

Salad of strawberries, pecans and feta

Chicken soup

Wednesday July 19 ~ CHINA

Shrimp with ginger

Spicy cucumber salad

Jasmine rice with scallions

Hot and sour soup 

Thursday July 20 ~ PARAGUAY

Roast pork

Beef with vegetables snd black beans

Red beets, potatoes and capers


Friday July 21 CABO VERDE

Roast chicken breast in tomato sauce

Rice and beans

Vegetarian cachupa soup